Mysteries Most Mysterious


Mysteries Most Mysterious is a cooperative detective adventure platformer that aims to introduce some genuine detective work to video games. No pixel hunting, no suggestive answers, no handy backlog of clues to sift through – This is a game about looking at and interfering with things and then remembering about them afterwards. Lazy detectives get lazy results.

Mysteries most Mysterious is exclusively co-op, so play it with a friend, or a pet, or both. Interrogate suspects by talking loudly over one another. Ruin testimonies by being a terrible partner. Mysteries!


I’m currently developing this game with Ernst-Jan van MelleLeon Tukker and Martijn Postma as The Floor Is Lava!
We showcased a demo of our game at Dutch Game Garden’s Indigo 2014, and hope to release the first episode in 2016. I work mainly as co-game-designer and audio designer.


Play the demo version here.


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